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Mechanical Engineer with 20 years of experience working in Oil & Gas, Automotive and Consumer Products industries.
Dealing with high-pressure deadlines for prototype and production delivery, working with an international staff and customers,
working knowledge of MS Office applications (including Access and Project), Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Stack-ups,
ASME Y14.5M standards (GD&T), Rapid Prototyping, Product Development Cycle, Product Functional Testing, QS-9000, TS-
16949, SAP, IFS, Minitab. API 6A, NORSOK, RMA, RCA.
Teledyne Oil & Gas – Daytona Beach, FL May 2019 – July 2020
New Product Development Engineer III
Sustaining engineering support for wellhead feedthrough penetrator system (FlameGuard P5-200).
o Contributed to ongoing design and development of cable termination for future customer application.
o Decreased test time and chance for failure by designing field service test box for testing run-in tools.
o Fixed low IR field failures by designing and validating sealable ground lug.
o Performed MRB disposition of molded and brazed components via X-ray and CT analysis.
o Solved cable conductor issue by designing and implementing cable clamp for short-term fix and production aid.
Teledyne Oil & Gas / Cormon – Daytona Beach, FL November 2017 – May 2019
Senior Applications Engineer (supported transfer of Cormon UK facility to Daytona Beach)
Applications Engineer f Telede Cm dc lie f ide corrosion monitoring equipment.
o Completed customer specification reviews and compliance matrices for customer requirements to allow Quoting to
create and submit quotes for potential jobs and obtain a purchase order.
o Contributed to cost reduction team by reducing cost of components based on coatings and materials.
o Learned new product line configuration, previous quoting procedure, developed new procedures, worked with
procurement, engineering & manufacturing to understand how product moved through the Daytona facility.
o Performed project engineering duties of releasing drawings and supporting documentation for revenue.
Teledyne Oil & Gas – Daytona Beach, FL January 2015 – November 2017
New Product Development Engineer II
Engineer on team for wellhead feedthrough penetrator system (FlameGuard P5-200) to sell to petroleum companies.
o Designed components cable grips, gland seal housings, cable terminations.
o Designed fixtures and tooling for shaker testing, boot and cable grip installation.
o Designed a cable stripper to remove the outer jacket of a 3-core flat pack cable.
o Reviewed and approved numerous system and component drawings.
o Evaluated electrical products such as cable terminations and penetrators for partial discharge, insulation resistance,
contact resistance and continuity while at pressure and temperature.
o Evaluated and reported on elastomers, potting compounds & metals for compatibility and durability while under
pressure, temperature and exposure to sweet/sour well conditions.
o Coordinated and performed testing with outside R&D facilities to down-select materials for use in designs.
Teledyne Oil & Gas – Daytona Beach, FL January 2010 – January 2015
Project Engineer
Responsible for releasing quoted jobs to manufacturing with the end-goal to invoice product. Duties included:
o Review customer Functional Design Specifications (FDS), BOM, PO and System Layouts for preparation of
drawings for electrical subsea connection systems for oil & gas production for global customers.
o Drawing approval, writing and approving factory acceptance tests and build procedures.
o Manufacturing Review Board (MRB) disposition of procedural, test, design and manufacturing discrepancies.
o Work in a rapidly growing engineer-to-order manufacturing environment for complex products where every shipped
product and its documentation is different and down-time for customers i meaed i $1000/h.
o Design of new product with smaller scale scope and shorter timelines.
o Verify volume compensation of subsea electrical jumper assemblies based on customer requirements.
o Diii RMA (e maeial ahiai).
Alex Socha, Page 2, July 23, 2020
Crane Cams – Daytona Beach, FL September 2008 – February 2009
Manufacturing Engineer
Successfully planned and implemented the manufacture and delivery of (10) eighty-inch camshafts.
Completed supplier visits with customer for heat treat sourcing of camshafts.
Successfully created solid models (SolidWorks), manufacturing drawings and routings for camshafts.
Performed quality-related duties of PFMEA, cl la, deviation requests and 8D.
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation – Mt. Prospect, IL August 2008 – September 2008
Temp/Contract Engineer (Support Plant Transfer from US to China) – Accessory Business Unit
Successfully reviewed and approved First Lot Approvals (FLA) to transfer taps & dies to China plant.
Coordinated with offsite plants and personnel to successfully rectify issues with component structure, BOM, drawings,
and first lot components.
Schneider Electric / Custom Sensors and Technology – Concord, CA May 2007 – November 2007
Senior Product Development Engineer – Systron Donner Automotive Division
Performed testing and data analysis on prototype micro-g (Quartz Rate Sensors for automotive stability control) for
customer prototypes and future product release.
Successfully designed, modeled (Pro-E) and implemented lead-forming and trimming tool for new product prototype
micro-gyro lead frames.
Performed modal analysis with laser vibrometer and shaker table on prototype MicroGyros.
Performed sine sweep and random vibration testing (shaker table) on prototype MicroGyros.
Worked with suppliers to develop alternate and cost-effective ideas for lead-frame designs.
Worked with production personnel to successfully design fixtures for wire-bonding machines for laboratory use.
Created MS Access database to track prototype test components.
Robert Bosch Tool Corporation – Mt. Prospect, IL January 2006 – April 2007
Project Engineer – Accessory Business Unit
Troubleshooting of test equipment (drill bit tester); researched, identified problem, designed and successfully
implemented and qualified solutions to existing test equipment to obtain statistical test data (using Minitab) to make
engineering, marketing, and purchasing decisions.
Successfully performed FEA on test stand component models and modal analysis on drill bits for release to production.
Updated and created drawings, test procedures and specifications for power tool accessories (drill bits, driver bits, plug
cutters, etc).
Successfully tested and benchmarked suppliers and competition to ensure product output satisfied customer needs and
costs. Marketing used test data to promote products attributes.
Contributed to team to develop clean drill (drill bit and reamer) patent awarded.
Robert Bosch Corporation, Automotive Group – (Various Locations) May 2002-July 2005
Product Engineer – Rear Inboard Pin Slide Disc Brakes – (South Bend, IN; July 2004 – August 2005)
Held responsibility for the following:
Successful design implementation of rear disc brakes for Ford U-251 (Ford Explorer) & P-415 (Ford F-150).
Successful completion of all DVP&R (Design Verification Plan & Report) and PVP&R (Production Validation Plan &
Report) testing before Start of Production (SOP).
Successful completion of stack-ups to verify design and design changes.
Successfully performed root-cause analysis of preproduction build/test issues (P415 dyno test, U251 anti-rattle spring).
Implemented Access database to organize and track new Rear Disc Brake programs.
Bosch-Sumter Rear Brake Facility
1) Hex Chrome Elimination Change Coordinator
(Sumter, SC; November 2003 – July 2004)
Lead the project to eliminate all Hexavalent Chrome from all affected components in the Bosch Automotive Chassis
Tracked 10 individual timelines for 9 plants. Was responsible for keeping and updating overall project timeline for
communication to Bosch Program Management & customers.
Acted as a liaison with Purchasing, Engineering, Change Coordination, Quality, and Sales for project.
Alex Socha, Page 3, July 23, 2020
2) Program Management / NOAH Booster APQP Database Development
(Sumter, SC & South Bend, IN; November 2003 – July 2004)
Developed and implemented a user-friendly Access database for Engineering, Purchasing, Quality, and Program
Management to track numerous Vacuum Booster programs. Consolidation of data resulted in a savings of countless
man-hours by pulling all part number attributes from one location to produce customized reports for Program Managers
to provide a clean launch of new products.
3) Product Engineer – Rear Drum Brake & Rear Drum in Hat Brakes
(Sumter, SC; May 2002 – November 2003)
Held responsibility for component disposition at Material Review Board (MRB) on a daily basis.
Wrote ECOs, SREAs, DVP&Rs and PVP&Rs. Worked with customers and suppliers regarding test requirements and
wrote test requests & reports for supplier process and design changes.
Held position of team leader for PFMEA review of all rear drum brakes and their components.
Streamlined, updated and rewrote spring testing procedure into company standard, created an easy matrix of part
numbers vs. test methods.
Sccefll cled Cme Cce ad 8D f Ford, Visteon, DaimlerChrysler, ZF Industries, and Nissan.
Successfully improved rear brake shoe web design (Ford EN/FN platform) resulting in a potential of $175k / year
savings by improving quality and eliminating sort requirements.
Cummins Inc., Fuel Systems Plant – Columbus, Indiana 1999-2001
Product Development Engineer – Fuel Pump Development Group
Pefmed FMEAs, Failure Analysis, and DV testing on fuel pumps, fuel manifolds and a cooling plate.
Tested fuel pump seals to determine most cost-effective and robust design (John Crane face seals).
Designed coupling removal tool which resulted in potential 25% cost reduction on fuel pump test specimens.
Implemented Pro-E to design fixtures and tools, and to modify components for test.
Purdue University, Mechanical Engineering Technology Department
Graduate Teaching Assistant Spring 1997 to Fall 1998
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN – M.S. in Technology, Fall 1998
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL – B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Spring 1996
ASME International Congress and Exposition, Nashville, TN, November 14th, 1999. Presented the following: Utilization of
Rapid Prototyping to Aid in the Manufacture and Design of an Electric Guitar Body. By: Alex Socha, Mark Pagano, and
Vern Hillsman Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
US Patent 10,704,353 (Teledyne Instruments, Inc.), Modular Electrical Feedthrough, July 7, 2020.
US Patent 9,774,131 (Teledyne Instruments, Inc.), Fire-Resistant Electrical Feedthrough, September 26, 2017.
US Patent 7,871,224 (Robert Bosch, GmbH), Drill Bit and Reamer, January 18, 2011.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Member since 2008, member of the Florida Section Executive
Committee & held position of Secretary for Florida Section of ASME (2010-2011).
LucasMilhaupt Brazing University March 2015
Experienced and comfortable with measurement tools; feeler gauges, thread gauges, calipers, micrometers,
shadowgraph, etc.
Experienced and comfortable with most powered woodworking tools including planer, drum sander, plunge router, drill
press, band saw, table saw, compound miter saw, vertical mill, minimal lathe experience.
Lutherie designed and built five electric guitars and one electric bass, designed and built fixtures and templates for
bodies, headstocks, necks, neck pockets, neck alignment, pickups, bridges, truss rods, pickguards and fretboard shaping.


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