Injection Mold Process Technician II- Mercury Marine

Posted 12 months ago

POSITION: Injection Mold Process Technician II
DEPT: Plastics
SUPERVISOR: William Henderson
Shift: Second, 2 pm – 12:00 am, M-F

Interested Applicants should submit their resume to LaTaisha Mack

Position Summary:
A Technician II is responsible for the proper set up and changeover of molding machines, along with the processing, troubleshooting and improvement of processes. A Technician II must have extensive experience with injection molding materials and drying requirements for materials such as ABS, Nylons, HDPE, PBT, PC, PEEK, POM, PP, PVC, and TPU. Knowledge of hot runner systems, hot water temperature controllers, hot oil temperature controllers, robot set-up, and multiple action molds, including hydraulic actions such as slides and unscrewing. Proper set up involves calling up programs for each part and ensuring the part conforms to the print and set up sheet. The Injection Molding Technician II must be able to work independently as they set up, process and place into production all injection molding jobs. Processing would involve making changes to the equipment to ensure product meets the required specifications as called out on the print. Technician IIs also perform mold changeovers which include removing molds and setting of the next mold in the job production schedule by utilizing overhead crane systems. Some secondary work may be required such as the use of inserts and fixtures. Molding Machine Technician II is the upper Technician level position which trains the Technician I.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
• Follow all health and safety standards
• Maintain a clean and safe working environment by adhering to 5S+1
• Create molding parameters for newly introduced product
• Troubleshooting issues as they arise to determine the most effective manner of conforming to product quality and production requirements
• Mechanically inclined with analytical ability to problem solve
• Work in a team environment
• Must be able to clearly communicate problems as they arise to others including co-workers, engineering, quality, and staff personnel
• Use hand tools, quality measurement tools, scales, and other process related equipment such as fixtures, assembly presses and drill presses
• Ability to stand for extended periods of time / sitting for extended periods of time, moderate lifting up to 50 lbs, lifting assistance is provided when necessary
• May work in extreme temperatures during summer months
• Fine hand manipulation, pinching, pulling and grasping of small-medium-large parts may be required.
• Operator must have full range of motion in hands, arms, legs, neck and back to perform job duties.
• Job requires the use of chemicals
• Employee may be required to train on other shifts
• Technician may be required to pick parts or run injection molding machines using inserts when needed such as relieving operators for breaks
• Assist in monitoring cycle time and making necessary adjustments to achieve standard while adhering to quality requirements
• Will ensure operators are properly set up for jobs
• Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skill and Ability Requirements:
• Understanding of scientific molding. (How to perform short shot progression, viscosity curves, calculate pressure loss, check non-return valve function, etc.)
• Basic working knowledge and understanding of hydraulic and electrically operated injection molding machines (Nissei and Toshiba).
• Basic working knowledge and understanding of pneumatically operated machines and equipment.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work in a small group.
• Ability to work in hot environment.
• Ability to stand for long hours.
• Flexible availability.
• Good physical condition with willingness to work overtime.
• Able to work independently with minimal supervision.
• Read and interpret production prints and quality requirements.
• Use a variety of quality measurement tools.
• The position requires a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
• Must be qualified and competent after a reasonable predetermined training period based on job complexity.
• Required to operate Powered Industrial Trucks and overhead crane systems
• Minimum of 5 years of experience processing injection molding machines.
• Master Molder training preferred

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