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Dream It! Do It! is a national manufacturing careers recruitment strategy developed in 2005 by The Manufacturing Institute, an affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM).  The program addresses the growing shortage of skilled workers by enlightening today’s youth of the high-tech manufacturing industry and its contribution to innovation, productivity, economic growth, and high quality manufacturing thus inspiring them to pursue careers in the industry. Dream It! Do It! aims to increase both the number of students choosing to pursue educational and career pathways in manufacturing, as well as the number of prepared applicants for manufacturing jobs who attain portable, industry-endorsed skills credentials.

The overall goal of Dream It! Do It! is to increase the number of youth pursuing manufacturing education and career pathways thereby increasing the number of credentialed applicants for advanced manufacturing jobs. 
The purpose of the Dream It! Do It! campaign in Florida is four-fold. 
1.       Inspire young people to prepare for and seek careers in Advanced Manufacturing
2.       Improve the public’s image of manufacturing
3.       Influence schools to embrace manufacturing careers
4.       Involve Florida Manufacturers in a leadership role 
The campaign will tout the image of Advanced Manufacturing to the public and especially parents and teachers. Most people do not realize the changes in manufacturing – from brawn to brain, from people to machines and from local to global – and that a skilled and credentialed workforce is vital if the USA is going to bring manufacturing “home.”  The campaign will involve manufacturers so that the skills they require to run a world class manufacturing facility will be fully developed.
The Dream It! Do It! Campaign will be responsible for inspiring the youth to be that educated and certified manufacturing workforce – FILLING THE GAP.
Florida manufacturers have a unique opportunity to fill their own skills gap by participating with MAF in the Dream It! Do It! campaign.
For more information on the Florida Campaign: www.mafmfg.com/didi500
June Wolfe, President
Dream It! Do It!
MAF Center for Advanced Manufacturing Excellence