Your support for Florida TRADE is requested to help us build Central Florida’s manufacturing talent pipeline. MACF is working with Valencia College and OCPS to build that pipeline for you, the manufacturers.

Below is a menu of opportunities for you to participate in:
  • Identify Required Skills and Knowledge – Provide us with copies of the job descriptions for your entry and mid-level manufacturing positions to help us to make changes to our training programs.
  • Promote Advanced Manufacturing awareness through plant tours
  • Help yourself get qualified workforce by offering curriculum feedback
  • Hire FL TRADE participants –   we look forward to sharing resumes with you for Florida TRADE participants that may be a good fit for your operation.
  • Take a FL TRADE participant on as a Paid Intern
  • Serve on a college manufacturing advisory board
  • Add the Florida TRADE logo to your website in support of the program
  • Agree to join the manufacturers speakers bureau to keep students informed about advanced manufacturing
  • Encourage young people, veterans and folks wanting to change careers to enroll in TRADE courses at Valencia College.
  • Participate in the Florida Dream It! Do It! Adopt-a-School Program to funnel young people into TRADE manufacturing programs.